knomics / biota

Online service for exploratory analysis
of human gut metagenomes

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Knomics-biota web-service is currently available under beta-testing conditions: all the features are available for free, though we kindly ask you to give us a feedback on any bugs or usability problems you meet.

Full-cycle analytical pipeline

Turn your “raw” data into analytical reports in a few clicks. Register and upload the metagenomic data in FASTQ format. Microbiota composition is automatically computed in the cloud. These primary results can then be explored using several scenarios of visual and statistical analysis.

Interactive exploration

Yield novel biological hypotheses using comprehensive visualization modules in your browser. Various types of plots are provided allowing to vary parameters of display without repeating the computations.

Statistical analysis

Discover associations of taxonomic and functional microbiota composition with clinical and other factors. Statistical tests are described in details providing all information about parameters.

World context

Compare your data with thousands of annotated published metagenomes. For this meta-analysis we provide a curated database of thousands of samples from many studies.