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Dairy products with probiotics improve gut microbiome balance


The results of a metagenomic study by Knomics investigating the effect of fortified yogurts intake on gut microbiome are published in Nutrients journal with online interactive reports available in Knomics-Biota.

ITS amplicon format support is enabled


Knomics-Biota now allows to analyze fungal metagenomic data based on amplicon sequencing of ITS (internally transcribed region).

Knomics-Biota article has been published!


We are happy to announce that an article "Knomics-Biota - a system for exploratory analysis of human gut microbiota data" has been published in BioData Mining journal.

Finetuning 16S rRNA data analysis: V4 region


New input data format - 16S rRNA V4 human gut - was added. It allows additional precision for V4 region of the gene, one of the most popular choices.