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System update - September 2019


We are pleased to announce Knomics-Biota update: new features and improvements for your microbiome analytics needs!

Knomics presented at Nutrients-2019


We presented posters on integrated data analysis of human gut microbiome and food microbial consortium in Knomics-Biota at "Nutrients 2019 – Nutritional Advances in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease" conference held at Barcelona on September 25-27, 2019.

Food-omics: from dairy to beer


We are now presenting our pilot results on the analysis of yeast microbiome of craft beer at the "Emerging applications of microbes" conference at Leuven. Check out the reports online at

Dairy products with probiotics improve gut microbiome balance


The results of a metagenomic study by Knomics investigating the effect of fortified yogurts intake on gut microbiome are published in Nutrients journal with online interactive reports available in Knomics-Biota.

ITS amplicon format support is enabled


Knomics-Biota now allows to analyze fungal metagenomic data based on amplicon sequencing of ITS (internally transcribed region).

Knomics-Biota article has been published!


We are happy to announce that an article "Knomics-Biota - a system for exploratory analysis of human gut microbiota data" has been published in BioData Mining journal.

Finetuning 16S rRNA data analysis: V4 region


New input data format - 16S rRNA V4 human gut - was added. It allows additional precision for V4 region of the gene, one of the most popular choices.